Maintenance Kits

What is a maintenance Kit?

A maintenance kit is a set of replacement parts for a specific printer. All printers have a preset maintenance interval, which occurs after a set number of pages have been printed. When the printer reaches this preset number it is time to install the maintenance kit so the printer parts do not become overused and cause more costly problems.


Which Kit Is Best For Me And What Does It Include?

As previously explained – each printer model has an assigned maintenance kit that best suits the needs for that model. Because each maintenance kit is different – so are the parts included. Some common parts found in many maintenance kits are fuser assemblies, transfer rollers, pickup rollers, separation pads or cleaning cloths. While each kit is different they all provide what is needed to properly care for your printer.


It is very important to pay attention to the maintenance interval in your printer. Ignoring these important alerts can cause serious wear to your printer. Maintaining the parts inside your printer can help you avoid permanent and costly damage.  

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