Maintaining your office printer is not usually at the top of anyone’s ‘to do’ list, but it’s an essential part of printer ownership—a necessary evil, if you will. Printer maintenance also takes your printer out of commission for a short time during the work day, but we promise it’s for good reasons that you and your printer will appreciate:

Maintains quality printing

Regular preventative maintenance maintains the optimum print quality you expect—and need—for business documents and marketing materials. This is valuable as your printer gets more hours of printing, and parts can wear down and become misaligned. Often, you don’t realize your printing quality has decreased over time; if you don’t want to deal with this at all, schedule regular printer maintenance appointments.

Prevents break downs

Printer breakdowns decrease the productivity of your business and can become a major interruption in the workday. Printer maintenance can decrease the amount of annoying printer break downs because your parts are cleaned and inspected regularly. If any parts are worn or in need of replacement, printer maintenance ensures that any issues are spotted and repairs are made before they turn into breakdown or damages other parts.

Keeps small printer issues from becoming big issues

Don’t let those “the printer just does that” become a major issue that causes a printer break down. If you have a service contract with a printing company or regular maintenance appointments scheduled, discuss any minor issues with your technician. One note of caution: create a process in your company so that your company is not incurring excessive costs due to a large amount of service calls. Designate an office manager as the contact if you have problems with the printer, so they can determine whether you need to call for assistance and keep a list of printer issues that can be addressed at your next printer technician visit.

If you don’t have the expertise or time to maintain your machines or have too many printers to stay on top of the process, consider purchasing a service contract for your printing fleet. Even one large multi-function printer can be reason enough to have a printer service and maintenance agreement. A service contract has three advantages:

Ensures that your printers receive regular preventative maintenance;
gives your employees a quick connection to a service technician, reducing downtime;
if your service contract includes maintaining printing supplies, your employees are not spending their time purchasing and driving to get toner and ink cartridges instead of performing their duties.

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