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I received a white paper written by Darrell Amy of Convergence Consulting, Inc., and I’m amazed by some of the statistics she points out. She writes:
“Today’s rising overheard expenses drive organizations to find practical ways to reduce costs. Profit-conscious executives face the challenge of either reducing headcount or reducing overhead expenses…”
“Documents drive business processes. That’s why an average of 1-3 percent of a company’s annual revenues are consumed by document production. To make matters worse, this expense is growing. Office monochrome print usage grows at 11 percent per year, while color grows at 19 percent.”
“A print management strategy allows you to control these expenses by outsourcing the management of your fleet of printers. In this type of usage-based model, you only pay for the prints you use. Best of all, no capital expenditures are required since the agreement is for the management of your existing fleet.”
“This paper presents the importance of a print management strategy. Current economic, environmental, productivity and IT department impacts are explored. Benefits of implementing a print management strategy are itemized.”
I think the percentages she states are a fair assessment of what we see when we review a client’s document output environment. The hidden piece to the puzzle that often gets overlooked is what I refer to as “soft costs” involved in a company trying to manage its printers and copiers.
There are order management issues, dead supply inventory issues and crisis management issues when a toner or supply is not in stock, and IT staff is burdened with having to deal with printers and copiers.
Now for the good news: XEROX has proven itself the industry leader in managed print. Its PagePack program, together with cutting-edge equipment, serves as a valuable solution for many local businesses.
As I have explained to many of my colleagues throughout the United States, San Antonio isn’t Chicago, Denver or … well, you get it. The “good ol’boy” system is alive and well down here, and frankly, we love it.
My point is this: As a San Antonio Texas businessman, I believe in managed print and I believe in XEROX


. I believe this is the direction that small, medium, and large business is heading.
XEROX and its PageConnect program have proven to be a beneficial tool for businesses to save money, cut costs and become more efficient overall.
Please contact The MPS Group, a XEROX partner, at 210-344-0332 for additional information on the Xerox line of document output devices and the PageConnect program.

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