By providing its clients with stellar repair services and managed print strategies, The MPS Group Printer Solutions can save you both time and money on copiers, printers, fax machines, and Multi Functions.
Benjamin Franklin once said, “Well done’ is better than ‘well said.” At The MPS Group (San Antonio’s “go to guy” for printer, copier and facsimile repairs), a proactive approach to providing quality services and exceptional customer care is key.
“When people call our competitors, they end up with all kinds of hoops to jump through,” said James Thomas, co-founder and CEO of The MPS Group. “They get passed around like cheap wine, and they have to be rocket scientists to figure out how much it will cost to fix their printer.
“But we shoot from the hip. We’re known in San Antonio for being very straightforward with everything, including costs. We don’t flower anything because there’s nothing to flower. We just fix your printer.”
Founded in 1999 under the name of Printer Solutions, The MPS Group Printer Solutions continues to provide San Antonians with experienced, trained and certified technicians who offer on site and carry-in services, four-hour response time, maintenance contracts and more.
As of June 2010, Printer Solutions became The MPS Group in light of the addition of managed print strategies, a highly valuable service that helps customers manage their printing environment, increase productivity and reduce expenses.
“The two most destructive phrases in business are “We’ve never done things that way’ and ‘We’ve always done things this way,” said James Thomas The MPS Group. “When customers let us perform and environmental assessment of their business, we can identify their un


managed expenses by telling them exactly how much they spend to print and copy.
“We can provide 20 to 30 percent average savings for our customers, depending. We may not be able to save you any money, but 99 percent of the time we can.”
After the assessment, the group creates a customized managed print strategy to help clients manage their office printing and copying devices, along with their accompanying expenses on consumables such as toner and ink.
“A lot of the time, when businesses are in a pinch, a manager will just go out and buy a cheaper printer,” Thomas said. “It’s true that $150 a pop may look attractive, but the money really adds up in consumables. If you lease with us, employees can’t buy unlimited printers and supplies under the radar because it will be managed by someone.”
The MPS Group believes in streamlining. The team actively tells clients about new products that can help them print less and possibly eliminate the need for file cabinets and excess equipment. After all, why use – and fund – 22 devices, for example when The MPS Group can show you how to be just as productive using 10?
As “the goal of manufacturers is to put more gear on the street,” according to Cantu, “a lot of offices end up with multiple types of printers and copiers, along with different brands, ”Thomas said. “You can standardize and streamline your system by working with less equipment and maintaining only one manufacturer. For example, why would you put four different brands and sizes of tires on your car?”
While The MPS Group manages and repairs equipment from a number of different brands, it also can provide clients with equipment if they need it. The group offers many different types of printers and copiers, but the brands it works with are more selective.
“We manage this equipment, so we only represent a few brands because we believe in them,” Thomas said. “Xerox is one we greatly respect. Xerox has been a reliable industry leader for years, and their products are excellent. I’m not going to refer my clients to a brand I don’t think is reliable. We only offer products we believe in.”
In addition to offering product from Xerox, Lexmark, and other select brands, The MPS Group can help you increase productivity in your business. Having to deal with printers and copiers often presents a major burden for staff, as well as a detriment to their productivity and thus, to your bottom line.
“It’s not always just about money,“ Thomas said. “In the real world, a receptionist or office manager usually has to replace the equipment or find someone to fix it fast when it has an issue. It’s a big responsibility, and a lot of office managers and receptionist will tell you they don’t like dealing with printers and copiers.”
“A lot of the time, they’re in a bind, and they don’t know who to call. But as our clients, they know they can call us. In fact, since we monitor the equipment remotely, a lot of the time, we know about the problems before they do.”
The same goes for routine maintenance.
“We put the software on the network, and it tells us when you’re low on toner, for example,” Cantu said. “We know when to replace it, so we have it drop-shipped directly to you. This is in-time inventory with no shipping logistics. And it takes the burden off of your staff.”
For all of the group’s growth over the years, one thing that has never changed is its glowing reputation in the community not only for getting the job done well, but also for treating customers fairly.
“We’ve evolved with the industry, but since the beginning, we’ve gotten a lot customers through word-of-mouth,” Thomas said. “We’re straightforward and honest with our customers, and San Antonio appreciates that. The ‘good old boy’ system is alive and well here for years to come.
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