Here's To You, Angelina Valadez


Angelina and her 7 year old son, Joel

Building value in a company would not be possible without valuable employees. Can I get a witness?

Here at The MPS Group/Printer Solutions we are making it a habit to express our gratitude to the people that turn the wheels of this business everyday, making it grow in a positive direction. Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup, was spot on when he said, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”


Our “Here’s to You,” this time, goes out to Angelina Valadez, who has been with The MPS Group/Printer Solutions for almost two years. She interviewed with us after viewing an ad on Craig’s List where we were advertising for a receptionist – and was (in her words), “desperate for a job.” We saw the potential she possessed and snatched her up. After six months, she was moved into the position of Sales Representative Assistant and now she is the Contract Logistics Manager, a position created for her due to our need and her ability.

Once a contract is signed, Angelina is the one who manages that contract. She, and her super powers, manage around 800 accounts. She remotely assesses the needs of each client, in maintenance and supplies. And if that happens to be your company - she’s the one who makes sure you don’t go down, that a beat is not skipped regarding your needs, and before you even have to ask, an answer is given. Now, that’s VALUE.

When Owner/CEO of The MPS Group/Printer Solutions, James Thomas, was asked to describe Angelina, the first thing that came to his mind was “Remarkable.” He went on to say, “Remarkable because of her work ethic and dedication and attention to detail in everything that she does. Remarkable in that as a single mother she successfully manages her family as well as a career. Her “no nonsense” approach when attacking challenges and obtaining results is incredibly valuable to the success of our organization.”

Besides being such a valuable part of The MPS Group/Printer Solutions, Angelina does have a life. And that life very much includes her seven-year-old son, Joel. During the time that she isn’t dedicating her energy at The MPS Group/Printer Solutions, Angelina and her son enjoy bowling, board games like “Chutes and Ladders,” and movie nights. Of course, her son is a big “Avengers” fan (what young boy isn’t?). Angelina said they recently saw the newest “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” She and I were in agreement that although young boys sometimes force us moms to do things we wouldn’t normally do…. the Avenger movies are pretty entertaining (thank you, sons).

Recently, I was able to interview Angelina and these are some of the things she had to say:

Me: “Angelina, what are some of the things you enjoy about working at The MPS Group/Printer Solutions?”
Angelina: “ The workplace culture is amazing. It is very family-like. I feel like we offer very honest solutions to businesses and that makes me feel good about my job. Also, a big plus is that our CEO and owner, James Thomas, is not “unreachable” by our clients. So many times big companies don’t have that to offer. And, unfortunately, so many companies are dishonest and don’t shoot straight with the customer. We are honest and local. That makes what we have to offer stand out from the rest.”

Me: “As a single mom, Angelina, I know the load must be tough. How do you juggle everything?”
Angelina: “Well, to begin with, my hours are great and James, our owner, is super understanding. He understands that my son is my most important responsibility and is willing to work with me in situations where my son is concerned.”

Me: “If you could foresee the future, Angelina, what would be something you would like to see happen?”
Angelina: “I would like to see our business grow to the point of there needing to be two of me. That would mean we are growing and I would love that. The MPS Group/Printer Solutions is such a great company with so many great things to offer.”

If it’s like Campbell’s soup’s CEO says, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace,” The MPS Group/Printer Solutions is already winning – with the help of amazing employees like Angelina Valadez.

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