Seven steps to making sustainability part of your company’s DNA By: [JAMES THOMAS]
We seemed to have covered many aspects of copiers and printers in past issues, but maybe not the most important. We have spoken of what a managed print solution really is; we have talked about several new technology-driven document output devices that Xerox offers; and we have covered hard drive security and its importance.
Now let’s talk about what we all strive for in both our personal lives and our professional lives (at least I hope we all do): protecting and saving Mother Earth. As I took a survey of my own house, I noticed we have three recycle bins that are full more often than not, and the kitchen trash can seems less full. My lovely wife, Yvette, makes it a point to immediately address any recyclable items that may have found their way into the wrong container.
There are many ways we can do our part in our office environment, as well. Our commitment to sustainability at The MPS Group includes how we can help you find ways to work smarter, faster and in ways that help your bottom line and the environment. Share ideas with coworkers and management in your company to create a green office and make sustainability part of your company’s DNA.

• Use electronic tools such as software to simplify the way you use documents and cost-free online tools to simplify the way you communicate.
• Cut back the time and energy spent on manual, paper-based processes with workflow management software. The proper softwa


re combined with scan-enabled MFPs can eliminate the costs of producing, storing and shipping paper documents.
• Send and receive information electronically with simple-to-use e-commerce and cost-free account management e-tools that help manage your equipment and contract; submit meter reads and purchase orders online; pay invoices online; and more
• Use paper wisely. Print on both sides of the page; this is also called “duplexing.” Print multiple images per page, and print only the quantity you need at the time you need it. Print on paper certified to sustainable forestry standards, or use paper with recycled content.
• Recycle the paper you use. Install bins around the office to collect paper for recycling or reuse. Paper manufactures avoid the use of 3.5 tons of virgin fiber for every ton of recycled material used.
• Reach for the ENERGY STAR. Upgrade old products with new, more efficient systems, and the savings add up. The MPS Group offers Xerox equipment that is entirely ENERGY STAR compliant. The typical copier or desktop printer is in use only 1 to 2 percent of the time it’s on. The rest of the time, it’s just wasting electricity.
• Replace copiers or printers with MFPs that do it all. One multifunction printer that copies, prints, scans and faxes can use half the energy of all those separate devices.
Our commitment to sustainability at The MPS Group includes how we can help you find ways to work smarter, faster and in ways that help your bottom line and the environment.
• Don’t throw away empty toner cartridges. Return your cartridges to us for reuse and recycling with prepaid postage. Or consider a cartridge-free Xerox solid ink printer or MFP, which generates about 90 percent less waste than a comparable color laser printer.
• Seek office equipment designed for remanufacturing or recycling. The MPS Group offers a complete line of Xerox devices that are designed with recycling and reuse in mind.
The MPS Group offers a no-cost analysis of your printing environment that exposes current cost of ownership on your printing environment and can offer a significant cost savings solution. For more information, contact The MPS Group at 210-344-0332.

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