Fences… Printer Solutions (And Why Those Two Things Relate To One Another….


Ever been on the “fence?” When you are vacillating between one thing and another? Straddling what seems to be a good idea and what you’ve always known? In other words…. Deciding whether to play it “safe” or take a chance and go for it?
James Thomas, the blue jeans, boot wearing, good-ol-boy, present, in the office on a day-to-day basis, owner and CEO of The MPS Group/Printer Solutions, was once on the fence. The fence, that on one side had a stable job he had known and the other – the possibility of starting a business of his own.
Lying awake in bed one night, he decided to go for it and risk what little capital he had on building a business, that fifteen years later, is successful and offers clients and potential clients a solution oriented option for printing services.
The MPS Group/Printer Solutions operates differently from the “street beaters,” – you know, those “copier salespeople” - who have one goal in mind…to sell as many copiers as possible, throw a box (copier) at you, disappear and wish you luck on figuring out the rest. Oh. And did I mention, take your money? Yeah, that too.
So, you may be asking these questions about now… (And we HOPE you are) …. Well, what does The MPS Group/Printer Solutions offer? What can I expect if I were to have them come to my business? What if I am currently in a contract with another company and am unhappy with the service I am getting? Do I have access to “real people” when I call The MPS Group/Printer Solutions or do I get a phone tree that shuffles me from one automated message to another? Does the MPS Group offer service alone options if my business currently owns a copier, purchased elsewhere?
By the way, these are all great questions. Glad you asked!

Here is the short list of things you can count on from The MPS Group/Printer Solutions:

  • The MPS Group/Printer Solutions offers a solutions-oriented package – which means all of your printing, copying, scanning, faxing (and anything in-between) needs will be assessed and taken into account. Your business will be our focus and meeting your needs will be OUR business.

  • After an Account Executive visits you and assesses your needs, you will be presented with a solution that is tailored to meet the needs of your business. Nothing more. Nothing less. You will be quoted a monthly fee which will include everything you need, except paper. I know you are probably thinking – does this include toner? YES. Service? YES. AND the copier? I know – it’s a lot of wonderfulness to take in, but YES.

  • If you are in a contract with another company and unhappy with them (first of all, our condolences) – Yes, we can help. We can offer buy out price and help you get out of your current situation. Life is too short to be in business with people who are not meeting your needs. Service isn’t our middle name; it’s our FIRST name at The MPS Group./Printer Solutions.

  • When you call The MPS Group/Printer Solutions (during our normal hours of operation, people… not 24/7) you will get a real, live, speaking person on the phone. It’s a little sad that just that statement alone causes a sigh of relief to readers everywhere (YES, I heard you). Our goal – and mandate by James Thomas (the boss-man-cowboy) is to answer a phone call within three rings. If things are crazy in the office, it may even be that boss-man-cowboy that will answer the phone at times. Our office culture includes providing quick effective service in a positive upbeat way. If you’re wondering if all of this is too good to be true, dial the number (210.344.0332).

  • Service. Remember I told you it was our FIRST name? True Story. We offer service alone to businesses that currently own their own copiers or printers. We service ALL brands of copiers. There are ZERO (and that means NONE) exceptions. We take the guesswork out of your service bill. We offer a flat hourly fee. The way we see it is – if our technicians cannot fix you copier in minimal time (an hour or two max), they shouldn’t be fixing copiers.

So there you have it, some real-life, honest to goodness, straight-shooting reasons to consider The MPS Group/Printing Solutions for all of your document/printing/imaging needs. If you or your business is on the “fence” right now – trying to decide who you can trust with your business needs – because you’ve been given the run-around and are tired of unfulfilled promises by other companies, now is that time to get off the fence. Call The MPS Group/Printing Solutions today and put us to the test – we are up for the challenge.

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