On September 12, 2016, HP announced an agreement to buy Samsung's printer business for $1.05B USD. This includes their A3 and A4 portfolio, as well as the development resources aligned to this business.

This announcement reinforces the fact that there is immense opportunity in the printing and copying industry.

As you know, Xerox has been the leader in global equipment revenue for 27 consecutive quarters, and we have no plans to let this go. In fact, one of the reasons for our separation is to ensure continued innovation in our technology and partnerships that will capture an even greater share of this largely untapped global document technology market.

As a Xerox partner our goal is to help you save your business money, time, and resources. You can feel confident that you are partnered with a company committed to our mutual success when we work together on COPIERS, PRINTERS, SCANNERS, and MULTI-UNCTION devices.

As the HP announcement unfolds and Xerox continues its path to focus on Document Technology and services as a standalone company, we will continue to keep you informed. In the meantime, I know I speak for the entire staff here at The MPS Group / Printer Solutions "thank you" for your partnership. Without you, we would not be in the position we are in today.

Cheers- James S. Thomas, CEO The MPS Group / Printer Solutions


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