Copier Hard Disc Security

What you need to know to protect your confidential information. By: [JAMES THOMAS]
In the last issue, I spoke of introducing you to another line of Xerox products. Since then, we have been asked many questions about the recent concerns over hard drive security on printing devices, so we thought it would be important to address this issue for you.
It’s common knowledge that computers store information on hard disk drives. What’s not as well-known is that some printers and most multifunction printers (MFPs) and copiers also contain hard disk drivers that record and store data. Residual data that may remain on the disk after printing, copying, etc. could pose a security risk.
Recent reports on the CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes demonstrated the security risks to data stored on MFP hard disk drives. In these reports, CBS recovered dozens of pages of confidential information stored on MFPs, warehoused in several used equipment facilities. The purpose of this document is to help Xerox customers become more secure in their knowledge of hard disk security issues and solutions. Understanding the potential risks, safeguards and advantages Xerox products provide will help you prevent the loss of valuable intellectual assets and confidential data.
Printer, MFP and copier hard disks’ digital information is transmitted to a printing device by a computer over a network via scan or through a telephone line. This data is often stored on a hard disk drive. This storage capacity enables the device to print faster and multitask, or perform more than one function (print/copy/scan) simultaneously.


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